EV Facts

Big Oil is spreading a lot of disinformation about electric vehicles. We have facts to counter the oil industry's myths.

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Who Wants to Kill the Electric Car?

The front groups, think tanks, PR firms, lobbyists, and other "experts" attacking EVs have one thing in common—the oil industry.

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Debunking Junk Studies

Electric vehicle antagonists cite the same handful of reports, studies, and polls...most of which are linked to Big Oil.

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The oil industry has launched an all-out offensive on electric cars and the electric vehicle (EV) tax credit. The massive PR and lobbying campaign relies on a web of front groups, think tanks, and industry-funded “experts”—many with clear ties to Koch Industries and other oil companies—to spread disinformation about the economic and environmental benefits of electric cars and to undermine support for policies that support EV adoption.

By funding think tanks, front groups, trade associations, advocacy organizations, and even media outlets, the Koch network and Big Oil allies underwrite junk studies and reports, disseminate disinformation, and perpetuate myths about electric cars and the EV tax credit. As Elliot Negin of the Union of Concerned Scientists recently wrote, the “oil and gas industry’s anti-EV tax credit campaign is a prime example of how fossil fuel interests construct a disinformation echo chamber to drown out government efforts to address the climate crisis.” This year, as Congress debates competing bills to either extend or kill the EV tax credit, the oil-fueled campaign has accelerated.

Here at Big Oil Exposed, you can learn more about how Big Oil is working every day to kill the electric car.